▸  T H E  S I M P L E  G I R L.  


          September   27 t h , 1 9 9 9.    |    1 55  c m.   |   4 0  k g.   |   writing.   |   y o u r   s w e e t e s t   n i g h t m a r e. 

(  y o u    t h i n k    i    c a r e  ?   t h i n k   a g a i n.  )


I’m just a simple girl with many dream. I’m not perfect, but I limited edition.

I’am a BABYs. I love B.A.P very much. Yoo Youngjae’s my bias. 

Why I like B.A.P? B.A.P is my music. Music is my live. 

You know me now?

Thanks for visit this^^

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image simple? it’s me. image

(    wordpress art.  twitterwordpress fanfiction.   )

11949856321026402567tasto_9_architetto_f     11949856321026402567tasto_9_architetto_f     11949856321026402567tasto_9_architetto_f        )

HRa’s my nickname.


`my favourite idol  .  

( All member of B.A.P)

*Bang Yongguk   .   *Kim Himchan   .   *Jung Daehyun   .   *Yoo Youngjae   .   *Moon Jongup   .   *Choi Junhong   .

profile credit : harlequin.

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