byun baekhyun

Mauriel Jung

 february 15th, 2001

 Grade 8 at Anglo Junior High School

 dancing for life, singing also~


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Hi, guys! I feel sooo thankyou bc y’all may to spent your time to read this not-important-notes  🙂

       hi there! i’m mauriel, an amateur artworker and author who joined wordpress from 2012. i lived in Indonesia and Jesus’s daughter. Still childish, funny, a lil’ bit naughty, the tallest&oldest girl in my class AND mantan ketua kelas >< 2015′ ketua osis ayey ❤ i love EXO, BTS, BAP, 2NE1, BIGBANG, INFINITE AND KPOP! >< my biases are Sehun, Baekhyun, Jungkook, Jin, Daehyun, Himchan, CL, Bom, Taeyang, Sunggyu, Sungyeol and Sungjong!

 This is Your Lovely BITCH!  

 Fandoms and Biases? Okay, this is the list:   

1. EXO-L for life Baekhyun is my mantan idiot namja, Sehun’s future wifey and i love KaiLu too~

2. BLACKJACK ❤ Chaerin’s twin, Bommie’s youngest sister. Huahaha 😆

3. newbie  ARMY! ❤ SEOKJIN ❤ Taehyung and Golden Maknae’s fan.

4.  V.I.P — Dong Youngbae Kwon Jiyong 

Wanna know me so far? Check :

wordpress | facebook | twitter | instagram

Snapchat/Line/Skype/Ask.fm : maurieljung

Handphone number : 081299083763

BBM pin : 7D700039

E-mail : mauriel_jung@yahoo.com

kkkk~~ just ask if you want it;)

btw, i’m a part of   ALL THE STORIES IS TAEYEON too~


4 responses to “DSG_Funluobell

  1. Saeng, cuma ngasih pemberitahuan kecil aja si, mian ya klo aq kesannya cerewet bingitzz.. -_-”
    Hasil request qm ditampilin dalam ukuran besar ya ^^ sama posting jg resources (tutorial, png, wallpaper, texture, de el el) yg pernah qm bikin,, qm posting di sini juga boleh banget hlo >_<.. D tnggu ya.. 😉
    Sama minta contact qm juga, id line, bbm, atau wa deh
    Gomawo ~~


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